wor(l)ds and landscapes #2

Juliana Cristina
3 min readJan 19

— fragments of an intercontinental connection

Pic by @neleus.okeit

4.0! It’s my birthday today!

I’m here in the airport waiting for my flight to go to Portugal. Between the airplane and me, I have a coffee, porridge and a lot of thoughts.

It’s been a while without writing here, in this intercontinental connection, I wrote just once and I left the life brings my head to other places… But today I’m here.

I’m here to celebrate my life, my 40s, my achievements and my frustrations.

Never in my entire life I could imagine that I would be living in Ireland during my forties, writing in English and waiting to travel to another country!

This morning I woke up with a message from my friend Suelen, wishing all the best with one phrase: “já parou pra pensar que a Juliana lá de 1994 de 11 anos talvez nunca imaginou que teria vivido todas coisas incríveis???” (Have you ever stopped to think that 11-year-old Juliana there might never have imagined that she would have lived all the amazing things)

And that’s right!

The road named life sometimes goes too fast and we don’t stop to think about all the things we’ve already done, seen and made…

This road for me it’s been incredibly great! And I wish it keeps going well in this way.

After her message, we were remembering that once we were at home in Brazil, and… scribbled a world map, showing where we wanted to go… We can’t remember the places, but so far, I’m pretty sure we are doing well!

During my 40 years of life, I did a lot! When I was a child, around 9/10 years old, I started to go to the scouts group, with them, we travelled in Brazil, to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

Years later, I went to Paris to visit my cousin and to Italy for a week. My heart and my mind backing time were over the moon!

Till the time I came back to Italy to study for 2 months and I decided that I have to move to there!

That time I moved to Italy with my brother, however the life is not always that easy… So I ended up here, in Ireland to improve my English.

Between travelling and moving places, I managed to keep in touch with my family…

Juliana Cristina

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